Pandemic Paradise

Man in Madison Park, Seattle sun bathing while social distancing during COVID Pandemic
Soaking up the sun and social distancing
Madison Park, Seattle, Washington August 2020

Summers are an American tradition. Hours are spent hanging with friends, lounging by the water, and soaking up the sun. In 2020 a global pandemic abruptly halted our summer traditions. Health officials recommended social distancing, face masks, and limiting exposure to people outside your home. How did we do? Pandemic Paradise explores what summer in 2020 looked like for residents of King County, Washington

mask wearing woman waiting for restaurant during Covid pandemic
Business not as usual.
Alki Beach, Seattle, Washington August 2020
Asian man and woman riding bike together while wearing masks during COVID Pandemic
Safety in numbers and masks.
West Seattle, Washington August 2020
lifeguard working during COVID pandemic
Beach days with lifeguards and breath guards.
Madison Park, Seattle Washington, August 2020
Alki Beach young girls smiling in the sun.
Always be bigger than life.
Alki Beach,. Seattle Washington 2020
girls on  the beach-martin parr inspired
Chips and Coconuts. My ode to Martin Parr.
Alki Beach, Seattle, Washington August 2020
Beach day with the family.
Alki Beach, Seattle, Washington August 2020
boy wearing red sunglasses with older couple in masks duing covid pandemic
Places to be.
Alki Beach, Seattle, Washington August 2020
Too old to dress alike, and she knows it.
Madison Park, Seattle Washington August 2020
Smiles in the sand
Renton, Washington July 2020
Families coming together for the first time.
Alki Beach, Seattle, Washington August 2020
Pushing is Flirting
Renton, Washington July 2020
Son and Dad having deep conversations.
Alki Beach, Seattle, Washington August 2020
Tea party during the pandemic.
Renton, Washington July 2020
Renton, Washington July 2020
Alone in a crowd.
Renton, Washington August 2020
Jump in with all you have.
Alki Beach, Seattle, Washington 2020

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